ABEN: An African Business & Exporters Network

In Nigeria today 85% of professional buyers expect a consumer-grade digital experience from B2B websites like ABEN, they expected a quality assurance of each product and service offered in the retail sector on the B2B marketplace.

This is because buyers want a quality assurance of genuine local farmers, entrepreneurs, suppliers, buyers, investors and manufacturers who can supply a large scale of products without any form of deformation or depreciation.

Especially for manufacturers and distributors with long-established traditional supply chains and little background or expertise in e-commerce, this can be especially challenging.

It is pertinent that Nigerians evolved by adding value to the rate at which goods are produced, packaged, and branded with adequate quality, this will help intensify the inter-relationship among suppliers and buyers.

Therefore, we bring to you a platform where you can market your agricultural produce with local markets and all over the world especially with a combination of advanced technology that can hasten and make communication amidst this business entrepreneur easy and successful.

The good news is that this platform has a global phenomenon of B2B eCommerce that represents a huge opportunity as it is one of the second leading online businesses all over the world if an individual can trust a B2C e-commerce platform for purchases and quality assurance, delivery and security of such product is guaranteed then B2B e-commerce platform can work for large scales business entrepreneurs.

What are the benefits of ABEN?

  • Access to a Large Number of Investor
  • Access to Local and International Buyers
  • Access to Local Farmers and Suppliers
  • Increases Exposure to Global Market
  • Enhances your level of interest for Business Owners
  • Provide a sustainable level of trust in Buyers and Suppliers
  • Access to Genuine buyers
  • Eradicate fraud and defamation
  • Increase business networking, partnership and collaboration
  • Boost referral by other partners or business collaborators
  • Reduces cost of logistics and conveyance from one locality to another to check the quality of a product, documentation, risk of delivery


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