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African Business & Exporters Network (ABEN) is a business-to-business ecommerce marketplace where global businesses can source diverse products from African suppliers. We want to make it easier for any businesses to easily source products for their inventories from African business owners while also making it easier to African businesses to get local and foreign buyers for their products.

We also help them to be more productive and profitable by helping them uncover insights into market data through data insights. We provide valuable and reliable analysis of different data sets, including farm produce, harvest period, prices, export, import, production, and more.
We are building the largest network of African farmers, suppliers, wholesalers, distributors, manufacturers, producers, exporters and businesses of diverse products. We hope you join us!

Our Mission & Vision

To help 10 million African Farmers, Suppliers and Businesses to be more profitable through international trade. While improving their lives, and also empower them with skills and resources required to end poverty, hunger, eliminate post-harvest losses and create Decent work that will drive economic growth, by year 2,121.

Vision: To be the centre of global trade for African produce.


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