Agribusiness Opportunities in Nigeria

Agric business is one of the most versatile and profit-making businesses, especially in Nigeria that has a favourable weather condition for any farming of the agricultural produce irrespective of the region.

Some of the agricultural food items sold in Nigeria are mainly produced by Nigerian farmers and individual farming, many now venture into little small scale farming to boost their household use of foodstuff and to reduce their financial burdens for foodstuff such as the cultivation of okra, vegetables and even poultry and fish farming such as fish ponds.

This process does not require so much capital, with asset finance for farm you can start farming and harvesting and you may diverge into selling to local communities and so on.

Below is a list of the most lucrative agricultural and farming business ideas in Nigeria;

1. Vegetable Farming

2. Poultry Farming

3. Snail Farming

4. Catfish Farming

5. Maize Farming

6. Pig Farming

7. Honey Bee Farming

The above named are agricultural businesses that can be ventured into even in your compound with little facilities.

Agribusiness Opportunities in Nigeria

Businesses in agricultural industries are basically on diversities, as we have people who venture into farming, we have some who are particular about the selling of the cultivated crops or as a form of distributors all over the country.

However, there are opportunities that abound for youths and investors in this agribusiness sector. Investors are looking to invest in local farmers, suppliers and distributors within Nigerian communities.


Production of agricultural produce is solely dependent on farmers which is a huge agricultural business opportunity for those who long for the profitability of this industry, this involves cassava farming resulting in the production of garri, and some other cassava condiments which are inevitable in the major households within Nigeria. This agricultural product encompasses a promising return on investment, all you need is to study your environment, the product and the market trend and how to attract investors both on the local and international level.

Products Processing

There are also some unknown opportunities for income making and wealth creation that are still unknown and untapped in the processing of the product in the agribusiness unknown to business owners. This entails processing palm kernel nut to palm kernel oil which can be used by major manufacturing companies in producing cosmetic and food industry in producing cooking oil. This may involve purchasing a form of mechanical appliances to hasten your production process but remember the major aspect of producing is getting basic buyers and distributors to end consumers, you will need a comprehensive operational platform such as ABEN where you can showcase your agricultural produce.


Storage invariably works for acquiring soe3m agricultural produce in large volume in a silo or well-preserved facilities for bulk sales or you may want to venture into the storage of agricultural produce for seasonal related products such as palm kernel, melon, garlic, ginger etc. the mentioned basically takes some form of a long period of time in the harvest period. This is leverage for those who sell consistently as they are always on the lookout for purchasing these goods and can be sold at a good price. Remember this require very good facilities for preserving such agricultural produce.  The prices may seem low during the season of this product but the prices increase as soon as the season is gone passed which investors have interest in as it is acceptable globally.

Transportation and Logistics

For every agricultural produce, logistics are needed to convey mini or mass products from farm to facilities and sellers and from the farm to the target market. Many farmers and exporters are presently in need of a logistics firm to help them convey their goods locally and overseas, here’s another form of business opportunity for the youths out there, you may start up with your individual capital, through a friend loan to start up, by so doing register your company, comply with the necessary guidelines, or partner with cargo companies at the port to make things easy.


No business survives without marketing or creating an offline or online presence which is a business opportunity many may lure into such as venturing into affiliate marketing or product activation. Some exporting companies have departmental offices for marketing but with just online training to boost your knowledge capacity. This is a money-making adventure. some of the huge reoccurring challenges most farmers face in Nigeria is the issue of making their products ready for the market.

Export Business

Varieties of international markets exist for most of Nigeria’s agricultural products. Eg palm kernel, nuts, cocoa, ginger, garlic, cowpea, cocoa etc. recently most international investors are readily available to do business with Nigerian local farmers, suppliers and exporters for the exchange of goods which is also profitable in Nigeria today.

Agro – Consultancy

Just like ABEN, a b2b marketplace where local farmers can market their agricultural produce which is within the reach of foreign buyers and distributors. If you wish to venture into any agricultural business, consult ABEN for better buyer reach and successful transactions. We have the right knowledge and experience, to guide farmers and investors on how to connect them with local farmers and farmers, which has also provided another opportunity for every participant of the agricultural sector.

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