Aso Oke/Aso Ofi: International Export Commodity

The term aso oke in Yoruba translates to ‘top cloth’ in English, a hand-woven material created in the southwestern area of Nigeria. However, it is also used to allude to the ‘ara-oke,’ master weavers from Yoruba land’s northernmost region. This custom-made cloth is only used on exceptional occasions like weddings, funerals, and chieftaincy installation rituals, and it is rather expensive. Alaari (dark red), Sanyan (light brown), and Etu (dark blue/purple) are the three main varieties. ’

In English, aso oke denotes a high-status textile and signifies “top cloth.” The cloth is used to produce men’s gowns and hats, known as agbada and fila, as well as women’s wrappers and headdresses, known as Iro

Which town is known for cloth weaving Aso-Oke in Nigeria?

Ibadan is one of Nigeria’s most popular states for aso oke knitting. Yorubaland was first introduced to fabric weaving in the 15th century, according to legend. It extended to numerous Yoruba towns and cities, such as Iseyin, Oyo, and Ibadan, from there.

Where Can l Export Aso oke?

Nigerian Aso oke is exported to the United States, Ireland, Italy, and the United Kingdom in large quantities.

Exporting the Aso oke from Nigeria

By marketing and exporting exquisite brands and gaining money in the process, you may take your Aso oke business to the next level. One can get started with a small amount of money and extend internationally beyond Nigeria’s borders.

It’s a business you can start from the comfort of your own home, either by hiring a talented designer to create gorgeous designs or by purchasing in mass from prominent Aso-oke markets. Whatever path you take, you’ll get a decent return on your investment.

You can do the drafting and drafting of designs independently if you want to hire somebody to knit for you. You don’t have to be a designer or an artist to work in the field of design.

Start-up Capital

With N50, 000, you can start an Aso oke export business. It is not a capital-intensive business; nonetheless, the level about which you would like to start the firm, and also your financial capacity, are factors to consider.

The demand for Aso Oke

Aso Oke is fashionable right now. Throughout most West African countries, it is our traditional dress. Africans in the diaspora often organize activities and host parties. Aso-Oke is unquestionably one of the hallmarks of special occasions, as it can be mistaken for Aso-Ebi or a full outfit. Aso oke is a symbol of elegance in Yoruba culture, which is worn during weddings, funerals, and chieftaincy rituals.

Opportunities in Exporting Aso Oke

Selling Aso oke is a profitable venture. The use of Aso oke has recently been elevated to unprecedented heights. Upholstery and shoemaking industries have begun to use it as raw material, resulting in increased demand for the fabric. Some hotel sectors have also used it as a curtain material in their establishments.

Fortunately, the business isn’t overly saturated, and there’s always a market for it in other parts of the world. It provides suppliers with a plethora of export prospects. You may wish to invest your time in gaining genuine buyers globally with ABEN, who is conveniently available to connect you with serious purchasers of aso oke both in Africa and beyond, to increase patronage and gain an advantage over competitors.

You could also organize exhibitions and other events.

Packaging Aso-Oke

As a craftsperson or local supplier, how you package Aso-Oke is also important. Assuring that your Aso Ebi is packaged uniquely. Engage fresh concepts that will continue to attract clients from the diaspora.

Attract Diversity

You might also broaden out and make Aso-Oke wallets, purses, carrying bags, chairs, throw pillows, and interior craft with aso oke, as well as ties and shirts for men, women, children, and adults.

Competitive Pricing

Pricing is also crucial. Make sure your rates are flexible and reasonable. Despite the fact that the market is not saturated, meet client needs and timing to build customer loyalty.

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