Business Opportunities in Charcoal Exportation in Nigeria

Charcoal, also known as char is rich in carbon that is produced by heating wood in a low-oxygen environment for many hours to consume volatile chemicals such as hydrogen, gas, oxygen, and tar.

The steady transition away from mass delivery of petroleum products has created opportunities in a variety of other energy fields.

For local people in impoverished parts of the world, coal offers a low means of cooking. Due to the lack of power, most residents of these small towns cannot afford to utilize biogas, gasoline, or even electric cookers.

This pattern has laid the stage for widespread demand for lower-cost energy sources among households and communities. Because the prices of paraffin, fuel, and gasoline remain relatively expensive in the market, Africans and people in many other countries are looking for cheaper alternatives. Charcoal is one of the most profitable sources, and it has spawned a thriving charcoal export sector.

Where is Charcoal Produced in Nigeria?

Charcoal can be found in different places of Nigeria such as Kabba in Kogi, Enugu, Oyo, Jos, Minna and Cross River and some other regions in Nigeria. It is one of the most dependable resources used in cooking by most restaurants and individual households in Nigeria.

Charcoal Exportation in Nigeria

Nigerian initially relied on the exportation of crude oil and gas as a major form of exportation exchange and as a national business in which Nigerian is known, but since the era of advancement in exportation, charcoal is gaining more international market recognition as it is a profitable form of business in the exportation industry provided it is owned in abundance and large quantities.

Where can l export Charcoal in Nigeria?

Charcoal can be distributed within and outside Nigeria, either as a local distributor or supplier, places like huge restaurants, ba5rbecue spots, hotels and bars are interested in the exportation of charcoal in countries such as Dubai which has a large number of restaurants and bars as a result of huge tourist visit uses charcoal for cooking, barbecue, char and shisha for their customers. This is a business opportunity for charcoal sellers and suppliers in Nigeria.

Business Opportunities in Charcoal Export

The economic foundations of the charcoal business are legitimate arguments. While entering this energy industry would result in mass habitat destruction, global warming, and a slew of other negative consequences, numerous Africans living in a specific population would be unable to accommodate high-cost energy supplies such as gasoline and cooking gas to start preparing their daily meals if the charcoals were not sold in local markets.

Charcoal Distribution

Charcoal exportation may just be a form of distribution overseas, this process concedes of gathering charcoal from different sellers and owners of charcoal around Nigeria, branding and packaging them to sell over the borders.

This is very lucrative and generates huge revenue for anyone who is interested in exporting charcoal as a distributor. However, this requires meeting up to some specific standards and guidelines of the Nigerian exportation promotion council and ensuring the charcoal has no moisture and other buyers’ specification are met such as packaging in either small or big quantities.

Charcoal Appliances

Charcoal appliances such as charcoal stoves or mini barbecue appliances can be fabricated for sale in these foreign countries, this invariably will draw more buyers to your company as a minimal household can actually afford to get a mini barbecue stove with a little amount of money like $10 or more. This appliance will require the use of both the charcoal stove and charcoal itself as a form of energy. These energy-efficient stoves make charcoal usage easier for the locals who live in communities and base their cooking energy source majorly on charcoal.

Invest in Direct Sale of Charcoal

It is sometimes better to get direct access to the producers of charcoal or get into the production of charcoal by employing those who are experts in the charcoal business. This will therefore reduce profit sharing and profit-making. All you will need to work on is collating the charcoal depending on the size and the kind of buyers you are targeting.

Sourcing for Buyers

Sourcing for buyers may be a tremendous challenge as there are various competitors all over the world who are uniquely doing the same thing as you in the export business. You may need to improve your packaging and branding of charcoal. Apparently, you do not need to look afar for buyers with a sure platform that helps in connecting with a vast number of buyers in Africa and all over the world with the use of the African Business Network Council (ABEN). We have varieties of buyers who are interested in different types of charcoal such as hardwood charcoal for cooking, barbecue charcoal for outdoor cooking and mini charcoal for shisha, all these are in high demand all over the world.

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