Cotton Exportation in Nigeria

The nature of global supply chains and Nigeria’s role in the textile industry are illustrated by the case of African wax prints, which are clothes with colourful patterns made out of 100 per cent cotton fabric.

Cotton has experienced a lot of global recognition due to its use in the making of household items such as clothing, quilts, and duvet and as a form of material used in the production of other versatile materials for industrial use.

In Nigeria, there are a couple of cotton growers in the national region who see cotton as a form of livelihood but there are various opportunities in the cultivation of cotton within and outside Nigeria.

Cotton can be assembled in huge quantities and supplied to manufacturing companies that specialise in the making of mattresses, beddings or furniture at large.

This is because is one of the versatile resources being used consistently for market growth. This furniture can be produced locally and sold within the Nigerian region and also transport overseas.

Same materials can be compiled in bags and can be sold to a local manufacturer of clothing within Nigeria, who are recently gaining so much recognition by the global fashion industry.

This clothing manufacturer comprises of diverse business profitability as this cotton can be used in producing different types of clothing in huge quantities that can be distributed across the globe.

It is pertinent that local investors in the exportation industry or beginners look into the positive economic impact of diverging into the cotton business for them as an individual, corporate entity and national economic.

Cotton is one of the cash crops in the global economy, as it has a good effect on its business value to most business owners who venture into it as little or mass business empire.

Some of the challenges of cotton exportation are the issue of sourcing for genuine trustworthy buyers across the globe which can be provided by an African business exporters network platform called ABEN, who majorly specialises in the art of sourcing for ABEN and shortlisted them on their e-commerce platform, this platform is created to source for qualified suppliers and buyers in the agricultural industry.

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