Crayfish Exportation and its Guideline

The exportation of crayfish is most versatile in Nigeria as we majorly use crayfish as condiments for varieties of dishes for local delicacies. It is a good source of protein and it can be found in different parts of Nigeria. Crayfish is a good business commodity within and outside the country.

Especially for Nigerians in the foreign land that require crayfish in huge quantities and this has brought about foreign and local investors’ interest in the importation of crayfish in their countries.

Crayfish can be found in places like Bayelsa, Delta, Cross River, and mostly the riverine regions of Nigeria inclusive of Lagos. Many farmers specifically picked crayfish during fish farming as it comes with prawns, shrimps and crabs. For crayfish exportation it is important interested personnel in supplying crayfish will have to commit their time into sourcing for crayfish by handpicking it or with the use of some technical mechanical tools in picking and removing stones associated while fishing or harvesting.

How to Export Crayfish


It is genuinely important you have a sustainable means of acquiring a large amount of crayfish so as to meet up with the demand from global buyers. This means that as an exporter you need a reliable fish farmer who can supply the same as much as possible and ensure the supplier are trusted and dependable.


It is necessary to carry out research online, offline and acquire detailed information about exportation such as the type of crayfish specie to be exported. As they are in varieties such as there are small tiny crayfish and there are large red crayfish, which is dependent on consumer choice of purchase. Therefore, extensive feasibility and market survey for the crayfish exportation business is important during the cause of venturing into the crayfish exportation business.

Engaging the Regulatory Bodies

Apart from the local business registration, suppliers are advised to follow adequate rules and regulations of the local borders and the foreign borders such as the Nigerian port authority rules and NEPC. These mentioned regulator bodies are as important as the goods you want to venture into their exportation as they may delay the process and conveyance of the product.

Funding or Capital

Financial stability is essential has this has contributed immensely to the rapid growth of the entire process, such as business registration, sourcing for the crayfish, payment of regulatory fees, packaging, branding and logistics.

Engaging Foreign Buyers

There are buyers of crayfish all around the world. This is due to the increase in demand from Nigerian citizens and foreigners. You may engage in physical interaction with local buyers or variably meet fortune making buyers on the African Business Exporters Network (ABEN) which specialises in connecting local buyers and foreign distributors on an accessible platform where farmers and local suppliers meet with buyers within and outside the country.

Packaging and Branding

Packaging and branding really matter when it comes to crayfish exportation such as eliminating unwanted smells and stone particles that may reduce or derail the market demand from distributors, also note that the branding of your product should be enticing as this is what connect you as a supplier to prospective buyers.

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