Exporting Ankara Into Global Market

One of the fashionable textile materials in Nigeria is known for is Ankara clothing. This is made from varieties of cotton knitted or factory knitted for a specific design depending on the manufacturer’s demand.

Ankara is factory-made in Nigeria by the Nigerian textile mill situated within and outside the country and Lagos especially has quite several textile mills that majorly concentrate in the making of Ankara by the company line of design.

         Unfortunately due to some lack of adequate infrastructure most textile mill companies relocated to their base as a result of loss of profit, lack of power, good road, and adequate security to protect both the employee and property. Considerably Nigerian fashion industry has evolved from the use of Ankara and has gained worldwide recognition, which has brought about major market globalization of Ankara known for its quality African uniqueness and identity.

As much as other neighbouring countries are competing with Nigeria in the textile mill industry as well as the recent eruption of the emerging Nigerian fashion industry in the use of Ankara for their designs. Nigeria still stands firm and excel through the struggle of the demeaning value of textile mill Companies. Which is still in high demand both home and abroad in form of plain Ankara and designed Ankara.

Ankara has gained so much recognition from both local and international markets with the recent use of Ankara for clothing which is majorly used for and now, fashionistas now divert into the use of Ankara for shoes, bags, interiors and artwork. This is because Ankara does not grow past time or memory.

Many sellers and suppliers of Ankara in Nigeria only concentrate on the sale of Ankara within the country meanwhile there are different Nigerians in the diaspora who need Ankara all over the world irrespective of race and diver background. The most beautiful aspect of this textile is that it is well accepted all over the world even by non-Nigerian and no Africans. It is of high value and it is highly demanded all over the world. Some of these foreign countries demand the use of Ankara as a design for their fashion line. Ankara can be exported to this country as a form of trade, which does not require huge capital for startups.

One most important aspect of exporting Ankara is that it does not require any form of preservation nor requires processing procedures as it is a clothing material exportable at room temperature and does not require heat as it may deteriorate.

Are you interested in the exportation of Ankara either as a plain textile or as a form of design with embellishment, there are some things you will need to consider such as packaging this Ankara design, maintaining a unique style for fashion wears and getting a sustainable logistics company after you must have registered your company with the Nigerian Corporate Affairs Commission for a genuine representation of your enterprises with an online presence for easy access by suppliers.

The only challenging aspect of exporting Ankara overseas is the issue of getting sustainable buyers abroad without hassling here and there nor travelling from one country to the other and risking if an existing overseas distributor can be relied upon. This is one of the most cogent reasons we created an African Business Exporters Network, called ABEN established major to take over the quest of sellers and suppliers hassle of looking and getting genuine buyers all over the world. With ABEN, you rest assured of getting reliable buyers within Africa and globally without stepping out of your comfort zone.

Exportation of Ankara does not require much risk compared to agricultural items that require some form of preservatives, same as the cost of one Ankara can be acquired within N1, 500 to N5, 000 depending on the quality you will like to venture into. Irrespective of the design you may want to venture into its exportation, it is important you study the design niche request in the global market to remain sustainable and also remain relevant to the exporting business world.

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