Exporting Nigerian Made Furnitures (Rattan)

Rattan is mostly hand-woven pine, seasoned and dried or processed in preserving colouring to protect it from termite attack. It is mostly used for outdoor chairs and sometimes sit out furniture. This is a Nigerian made product its quality and credibility is second to none.

This is because Nigerian craftsmen pay so much importance and attention to ensuring the rattan craft is well designed and weather friendly. Most of the furniture’s used today for gazebo hut, restaurant and bars as it is all-weather favourable and this essentially reduces the cost of changing furniture’s in this facility’s as they are prone to dent when exposed to bad weather.

Rattan furniture’s are craft made from bamboo pine which is well dried and seasoned and sometimes baked to overcome weather deterioration. This same material is used in the formation of baskets for food packaging and hampers or majorly as an interior item. Rattan is specifically produced by some group of Nigerian citizens in the Badagry part of Lagos.

Rattan is widely known for its durability and is considered eco-and weather friendly, which is a good export opportunity for start-ups or existing business owners.

Where is Rattan Furniture’s Produce?

It is handcrafted all around Nigeria, especially in a region like Abeokuta, Ijebu Ode, Warri and Badagry Lagos among others, many handcrafters in Maryland Lagos specialises in crafting rattan into chairs and tables for sale in any part of the country. The cost of procuring a set of rattan furniture’s in Nigeria is cheaper and lesser than anywhere in the world, mainly because it is locally made here in Nigeria.

How to Export Rattan Furniture’s


Firstly you will have to consider the global market trend of exporting rattan furniture’s because while studying the global markets, it is necessary to consider the international trends in crafting rattan furniture’s to be accepted globally. The design has to be appealing and globally suitable for foreign markets.

Another important aspect of exporting rattan furniture is branding the same to prevent dents because no buyer will be interested in dented furniture overseas, therefore it is necessary to partner with a careful and reliable logistics firm to ascertain perfect condition delivery of this furniture.

You may want to export rattan furniture as a form craftsman or as a supplier by acquiring different designs of rattan furniture amidst the craftsmen for exportation. Note that it is important that you keep good records of quality rattan makers to suit international demand. Also, you may incur more of your time in studying online about countries that have high demand or interest in rattan exportation.

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