Sesame seeds, or beni-seeds as they are locally known, are among the most commercially viable crop critical to the agricultural economy of Nigeria.

Where can I sell sesame seeds in Nigeria?

Sesame seeds are presently in high demand in Nigeria and especially in foreign countries where this product is limited due to their weather or resources. And can variably be exported in larger quantities. Suppliers of sesame seeds are in high demand in places like Sudan, China, India and other countries.

There are varieties of sesame seeds exporters too in Nigeria whom you can be connected to so as to supply in larger quantities, or you may want to venture into its exportation fully by going through the necessary documentation, registration and studying about how it can be cargo to this foreign countries. Obviously, you will be shocked by the profit that awaits you at the end of each exportation.

Despite the high viability of the sesame crop, research from the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) indicated that Nigeria’s production of sesame has been uneven compared to demand over the years. But with the present demand from foreign countries, despite the fluctuation in output, Nigeria’s export of sesame has improved significantly.

Economic Potential

Sesame needs consistently contribute to every economic region of any country or region due to its health potentials and as it’s varied and is dependent on the parts of the seed being processed. The increase in sesame seed economic potential cannot be totally overemphasised. This is because it is used as a fibre supplement to protein necessary for reducing weight and it is required by the pharmaceuticals due to its medicinal advantages. This increases the economic potential of sesame seed due to its vast usage for confectionery, biscuits, and in pastry making.

Profitable venture

Presently 90 per cent of the sesame seed produced in Nigeria is exported abroad. Being the number exported agro product, its profitability is second to none, this is due to its demand by Nigeria locality and foreign countries and especially its request from manufacturing industry has impacted its high demand recently.

Where to buy Sesame Seeds in Nigeria

Presently, there are 26 sesame-growing states in Nigeria where you can buy sesame seeds in large quantities, which are: Nassarawa, Adamawa, Bauchi, Benue, Kogi, Borno, Kaduna, Kano, Taraba, Katsina, Kebbi, Kogi, Niger, Plateau, Sokoto, and Abuja. Jigawa has the highest area of production and total production in the country followed by some parts of Benue State.

How to Export Sesame Seeds from Nigeria

It is one of the highly sought cash crops in foreign countries in whose demand is unlimited, and as Nigeria has the high capacity in its productions poses as one of the most patronised countries where one can export sesame seed.

Due to its leading opportunity in the exportation industry for agro crops. Suppliers can therefore diversity into exportation of this product as it is required in another country.

Apart from profit-making, it also increases suppliers’ business growth by contributing to their local economic growth.

Sesame crops can be exported in seed or in oil extract, apparently, this must have gone through an extraction process, which also must have gone through a preservation process, to increase quality sustainability and preserve the extract from depreciating in form.

This same highly demanded crop can be exported in form of crops through logistics companies or through a distributing agency that is connected with foreign buyers and who see through the process of freight.

Also, sesame seed can be exported through direct networking with buyers, manufacturers both here in Nigeria and international level.

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