Hides and Skin: A trade Commodity for Exportation in Nigeria

Hides and skin come from castles, cows, sheep, buffalo, snakes, and other animals in Nigeria. Because the skin is such an important element of any animal’s body, it is also known as animal skin. In addition to providing a source of life for many Nigerians by providing food, these animals are also one of the exportable goods because to their various uses in several classifications.

To begin with, animal skin is supposed to contain fat that is harmful to the heart, in contrast to chicken, which studies reveal has a moderate effect on humans.

Nigeria is the place to be. Animal hide and skin are commonly bought as a source of “Ponmo,” a type of food.

Where are Hides and Skin Produced in Nigeria

Many abattoirs in Nigeria killed more than 10,000 animals in a day for consumption, this is where the skin is extracted in large quantities, both in Lagos, western and the northern regions of Nigeria. Invariably there are people who specialise in processing animal skin into hides through a traditional procedure of thorough severe drying.

Which Country can l Export Hides and Skin to?

Countries like Belgium, Austria, Brazil, Colombia, France, and Germany are targeted countries that have laws against animal cruelty and killing. Invariably these countries will have limited access to hides and skin for the production of leather bags, shoes, fur for clothing etc. this is a great opportunity for Nigeria which have a large amount of cattle or cow rearer as well as animal skin in abundance for exportation.

Opportunities in Exporting Hides and Skin

Many investors are looking forward to purchasing these hides and skins. Which is also a sustainable source of money-making.

This is because most countries have a regulatory law against the killing of animals, and by so doing there is limited access to hides and skin from animals, which believe Nigerian investors should leverage on as a source of livelihood.

Does Nigeria export hides and skin?

One of the by-products of animal production is hides and skins. They are a vital and precious resource that is used to make shoes, purses, and other accessories. They are practically never exploited to their full potential in the developing world.

Due to ignorance or disinformation, hides and skins are frequently regarded to be innately dirty and are tossed or squandered. Others are inadequately processed, lowering their potential worth significantly.

How to Export Hides and Skin

Hides and skin can be exported in a different form depending on the choice of an investor who has an interest in its exportation. It can be exported in form of raw skin called ponmo to Nigerians in other countries who are still delighted in the sumptuous taste of ponmo from their origin.

This will have to be well cleaned as it smells is unappealing and easily perishes. By so doing you as an exporter may want to get all documents, logistics and abroad distributed readily on standby to curb profit loss.

Also, it can also be exported in processed hide and skin which is typical must have gone through a drying process which must have diminished the smells and also inculcate long and lasting durability which may essentially take time due to the number of days it takes in drying.

Apart from registering as a company in Nigeria, you need to sustain a high standard and quality product, this remains sustainable in the global exportation industry. Same as it is essential to have long-lasting buyers who are readily on ground to purchase these hides and skin. Essentially this article commemorates the need to have a list of buyers that can get your goods at any moment without any hassle, you may want to visit our website who are in need of hides and skin in larger quantities. We have a vast range of hides and skin buyers abroad. All you need to do is fill out of enquiry form or call us on the enlisted number.

The process of exporting hides and skin in the global market consists of ensuring you also have a vast quantity of hides and skin in a larger capacity. You may want to connect with local abattoir or hide and skin makers in sub-rural regions of Nigeria to purchase hides and skin from these local makers. This is essential as it helps to give hope and genuineness to buyers that a have a trustworthy and product available supplier in Nigeria.


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