Ginger is a natural root herb that is not only used for domestic cooking purposes but is also used for commercial purposes and due to its aromatic, medical and nutritional benefits it is high in demand. Ginger exportation is invariable of the major item that most people would love to venture into, due to its high demand in both local and international markets and how lucrative it is in its versatility in business nature.

The demand for ginger in foreign countries like Germany, Spain, and US etc. is excessively unlimited as it variably makes the future of the market looks promising with opportunities created in the health and wellness sectors with awareness about the medicinal value of ginger.

Importance of Ginger Exportation from Nigeria

Ginger from Nigeria is known for its rich and pungent taste, due to its high level of oleoresin oils which impacted the taste value, international exporters are guaranteed consistent value in taste which is most important to buyers of ginger in the outside world. Nigeria also diversified into dried and crushed ginger powder which elongates ginger durability in the international market. If agricultural produce like ginger can be preserved for a long period, this assures the foreign market of constant market presence without deteriorating to avoid waste and loss.

International Market

Gingers have gained a presence in the international market, therefore, the market stability for ginger is well established especially in countries like Italy, Poland, France, Europe which is interested in the exportation of fresh and dried ginger etc. this is because ginger is used in this foreign countries to wade off cold and some viral infections such as flu. The demand for Ginger both fresh and dried in the international market has significantly increased because the root is now being used as raw material in various manufacturing processes.

Procedure for starting Ginger Export Business

It is expected that exporters carry out due diligence by exercising a strategic effort in the packaging or branding of ginger, both healthily and in quality. However, if an exporter is actively interested in ginger exportation it is necessary they get conversant with the higher-value markets given the ability to meet international standards on food safety and plant health standards and also include the following:

Market Research

The first step before venturing into any business is by carrying out crucial research, which is the habit of getting to study the market trends, challenges and risks in the exportation industry. The essence of adequate research is to clarify any unsolved issues or unanswered questions which needed answers, but with minimal research, some of these questions will be answered.


Start-up or existing exporters do not need to break the bank to venture into the ginger exportation business, although all business requires money same as exportation to initiate business registration, acquisition of required documents and logistics

Business Registration

Business registration will basically affirm both offline and online presence of exporters’ business, which is relevant to both local and international trade markets due to the fraudulent activities in Nigerians, foreign buyers are excessively careful of their transaction and will not transact a business with unregistered business owners.

Finding Suppliers

When an exportation business has been registered, it is essential exporters seek trustworthily, quality orientated farmers who can supply ginger directly from their harvest and who is flexible enough to give room for return and changes of defected ginger as this give chances for a win-win. This is major because international markets have a standard for quality products and do not in any way compromise their standards.

How to Find International Suppliers

Finding a ginger supplier is quite easy as we have connected local farmers in Nigeria, who understand the duration of planting and harvesting this agricultural produce. It is essential exporter recognises this farmer in the local markets. Also, there are special sources and e-commerce platform that has an undeniable directory of suppliers or buyers for your ginger produce in larger quantities.

As you can see, ginger exportation is not as difficult as it seems as we can furthermore elucidate more on its profitability and its importance. You may want to visit our blog for articles to boost your level of understanding in the exporting industry or complete our waitlist for questions, queries and consultants which will help you with every information you need on the ginger business. We will connect you to the sources of ginger in Nigeria.

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