How to get Buyers for your Exportation Commodity

Many business owners in the exportation industry who deals with the exportation of agricultural, fashionable, artefact items in Nigeria has the challenges of getting sustainable buyers who are always readily available to patronise buying their locally made goods, this is because these international buyers have a high rate competitor suppliers and distributors across the globe who help get the good this supplier wanted.

Invariably Nigerian investors are still desperately in need of buyers and manufacturers who are interested in their goods same as there are limited suppliers and distributors to this buyer overseas. Which has generated the need for more suppliers of Nigerian made and agricultural suppliers to meet up with the demand of suppliers and farmers and buyers. We all need each other to create a standard, profitable global economic growth.

Getting buyers

The most interesting aspect of the exportation industry is that buyers are everywhere, irrespective of the commodity you are into as a farmer or supplier, you may engage in advertising your goods online with the use of Google pop ads, jijing, naira land, Facebook and Instagram by displaying your package and branded items online.

This will create an online presence and will help buyers know more about the product at the same time contact you. Same as you may contact ABEN who can out your product out there to buyers and manufacturers of this commodity who are desperate to have a business transaction with you either as a farmer, supplier or distributor.

Dealing with Feedbacks

Feedback is the sole of business, by getting and emphasizing feedback you get to know how your commodity is doing in the market, things you need to improve upon, the new market-friendly items on high demand and how to go about them. Since it’s the exportation industry.

You should be ready to get feedback responses from people overseas without biased or mincing words from grocery malls and supermarkets abroad through your major buyer or distributors, this will help you to serve your customer or consumer better and also improve in diverse ways.

Leveraging on Feedbacks

Be it small scale or large scale exportation business, it is necessary to leverage feedback from suppliers and distributors of your commodity. Is it very important to use this a form of leverage to expand the exportation business by asking this supplier what can be done to satisfy the direct consumer and how to expand and use their feedback as a means of major expansion such as improving on the product and adding another product to the exportation commodity.

An example is when someone gives feedback that the palm oil supplied is too thick, you may use this to diverge into selling a bleach palm oil separately and thicken palm oil separately, this will invariably satisfy those who are interested in these two relatively and has also added to your exportation produce, profitably and corporate economy.

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