How to Start Agricultural Export Business in Nigeria

The Demand for African agricultural products and especially foodstuff in Europe and America is rising due to the increasing number of Africans, particularly Nigerians who sojourn to these Countries for greener pasture.

There are many small exporters, grocery stores, and supermarkets of foodstuff in the sub-region who depend on middlemen and start-up exporters to export foodstuff in small quantities and sell them directly to consumers or retailers running ethnic shops in the United States of America or Europe.

This produce can sell into a foreign country either through a local distributor or through their salespeople depending on which routes suit them, even some government export trade offices help companies find a local supplier. Increasingly, the Internet has provided a more efficient way for foreign companies to find local distributors and enter into commercial transactions.

Why Do We Export?

Exportation is necessary as it’s the easiest way to participate in global trade for both local and international suppliers, it’s a less costly investment than the other entry strategies, and it’s much easier to simply stop exporting than it is to extricate oneself from the other entry modes. This process can be aided by an export partner, such as a wholesaler or an export trading business.

An export management company like ABEN is an independent company that performs the duties that a firm’s export department would execute. ABEN understands the process and procedures of importing and exporting strategies, handles the necessary documentation, links exporters to importers, connects suitable African suppliers adequately, and takes the title of the goods for direct export if necessary. In return, ABEN charges the necessity of an African to African business network optimum services.

We have developed these internal capabilities teams to efficiently help importers and exporters of any market size smoothly network exportation and importation investors and business owners. Most of all, we introduce start-up exporters to quick access to new global and international markets.

Benefits of Food Exportation

Exportation of agricultural or food products can have its challenges, especially when companies are not versatile to the necessity of their produce, the interpersonal relationship with a grocery salesperson, or having an experience in the process of engaging international importers in exportation and market value is a necessary yardstick to one of the benefits of food exportation as it broadens one’s knowledge on the unknown item that can be imported with less stress.

However, making sure that some large company distributors favour one exporter product over another product can be hard to monitor, which is why we have a global trustworthy marketplace platform where especially African buyers connect with local sellers, suppliers, farmers, of diverse products all over the world easily and engage in the process of exportation of their locally grown agricultural product.

How to Start Food Export Business Using a Company Export

Exporting is an effective entry strategy for small medium and start-up companies that are just beginning to venture into a new foreign market, invariably like food items that are consumable and require adequate hygienic process or procedure and introduction of advanced and diverse branding or packaging to fit the existing market structure.

It’s a low-cost, low-risk option compared to the other strategies if one embraces the use of export companies for better handling of all these procedures and taking this stress off one’s shoulder.

The effect of the minimal risk also portends the increase in the vast technical process involved in packaging, branding, and conveyance of this product as it instigates small and midsize companies that will or won’t make a significant financial investment in the international market relatively. However, this will not be necessary when one enquires about the use of trusted export or distributing companies.

We have a vast platform whereby you can also be a part of those contributing to the exportation business by going through the enlisted process. We will expose you to the global exportation market where you have access to a foreign conglomerate who is interested in buying your local produce directly without any hassle.

  • Find an African Supplier
  • Submit a Brief
  • Get Quotes
  • Choose Supplier
  • Sign Agreement
  • Transact Securely

No matter your industry, we will help you find a suitable business partner you can confidently do business with. Join ABEN today and be a part of the fastest-growing African B2B Network.


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