How to Start Exporting Yam To Oversea From Nigeria

Shipping yams from Nigeria can bring in limitless amounts of money on a consistent basis. Nigerians are known to be travelers, but another aspect of their culture that has remained constant is their eating preferences, with home meals taking precedence.

The pace at which Nigerians in other countries compete for their native delicacies is quite amazing. They’ll gladly pay you money to have it delivered to them. You can also generate money by selling yams to them.

Make Profit Exporting Yam Abroad

We are all aware that starting a new business from home is a significant financial commitment. The enterprise has brought the Northerners millions of naira. Another eye-opener is the massive sums of money made from yam exports to Europe and the United States.

There’s no denying that the yam market in the UK is booming, with a tuber of yam fetching between 3 and 4 pounds. At the current exchange rate, you know how much one pound is worth in naira. The point is that any money you put into the yam export industry will be multiplied by a factor of ten.

Likewise, large-scale yam exporters to Britain and the United States have access to yam flour. However, you must be financially capable as well.

Cost of Starting Yam Export Business

Some people believe that you really can start with as little as N100,000, but this is not true. There are some requirements that must be met. You must obtain suitable certificates in order to be eligible for large contracts in other countries. You must confirm that your yams are up to international standards before shipping them internationally.

‘’ABEN get you covered for connections with large scale yam buyers abroad’’

Meanwhile, we are not advising individuals with less start-up money to borrow, but you may still get started with what you have. On a small scale, a reasonable amount of roughly 500,000 naira can get you started. Get your items wrapped in packages for each consumer and have them shipped internationally.

Grocery shoppers or Nigerian citizens may grant you a company that supplies in a larger quantity as time goes on, if you keep the necessary trust. That’s when you may go all out to find money in any way you want. Your company has made enough progress at that point.

How to Export Yam from Nigeria

You should have excellent legal means of identification, such as an international passport, a domiciliary account, an e-mail address, and so on, just like any other exportation firm. Even if you’re dealing with a single person, make every effort to register your company with the Nigeria Corporate Affairs Commission and subsequently the Nigeria Export Promotion Council (NEPC)

In this line of work, an issue will almost certainly emerge that will necessitate the use of your legitimate identification. Make sure you have all of your paperwork in order. Exporting yams isn’t a small-scale operation.

Make a sufficient number of discoveries and determine which yams and species are suitable in other countries. Make every effort to exceed the high expectations associated with exporting agricultural products.

This must be emphasized enough because any Nigerian-made product that is exported is known to be subjected to extensive testing and supervision. You may be disqualified for minor reasons. However, if you have a history of consistently exceeding expectations, your good name speaks for itself.

How to Get Buyer for Yam Exportation

By carrying out varieties of research on the viable platform whereby you may meet large scale buyers or high-end consumers of yam in the global market. Sometimes it is advisable to search the internet for better access to buyers of yam on both larger and small scale.

This will give you an overview of differential buyers in different regions. You as a local farmer or supplier may also employ the use of an e-commerce platform like ABEN, which specialises in the vast use of a website whereby you can connect and network with diverse buyers and consumers of yam widely from different countries and also have a comprehensive article that can put you through the exportation business of any kind. We at ABEN will connect you to different buyers at your own comfort.

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