How to Start Your Own Profitable Agricultural Export Business

The present Nigerian economy recently now relies on agricultural produce as it is one of the major ways that the economy can reduce its dependency on the oil industry and create different employability and revenues in the process. As it seems many young people are also venturing into a new interest in farming and agricultural diversities. Luckily for us, agriculture business ideas are numerous as it is vast and varies in different aspect.

Apart from the fact that human needs quality food which emanated from the agricultural product, it is significantly one of the largest productive industries in the world, as its products are ultimately demanding in the local and international market which is not limited to its region or locality either urban or rural because agricultural productivity is not only important for a country’s balance of trade markets nor consumption but the security and health of its population as well.

Here are numerous ramifications of assessing agricultural output and its productivity, including its sheer advantages and the current volume of the commodities produced. It’s important to look at these diversities consistently as it envisages if the agricultural product is still demandable in both local or international markets, as it is often the case that commodities critical to the food supply of overwhelming developed and less-developed countries don’t show up as high dollar-value crops.

The increase in profitability of international agricultural exchange is highly dependent on varieties of factors, such as the demand, quality and price of such agricultural produce. This is in the sense that some agricultural products have high profitability factors that the others, such as cash crops or raw produce and also the demand from international trade markets also contribute if the agricultural produce will be worthwhile in profit-making.

Here are some factors that instigate the profitability of agricultural produce and also exportable

Economic Diversification

Most agricultural produce is international profit-making commodities, but it is dependent on how exporters manage to get acquitted with the diverse need of the international economy. Invariably this means that some agricultural products are demanded in some countries while some countries have the same agricultural produce in abundance. Therefore, exporters must ensure they study the economic diversification of agricultural produce of their intended exportation foreign market. As it is a major way to grow wealth and one of the cheapest means of international trade.

Profitability of Agricultural Produce

Costs are another important element of profitability account in the business world. Recently agricultural produce has been characterized as the greatest means of making a mass profit, with quality work put in place, agricultural produce exportation is a great wealth-generating platform if only exporters are conversant with exportation guidelines as it requires some background work such as quality in the good, too curb deterioration, packaging and unique branding. If some of the present affecting factors are effectively taken care of such as, logistics and efficient delivery. It is very profitable and in a situation whereby the supplier operates their own agricultural landed property, it is, therefore, more profitable as the supplier pays optimum attention to the crop from planting to harvesting. Also, the growing volatility of farming and climate conditions makes farmers resort ever more often to different tools helping them in the decision-making process

Creates employment

Agricultural produce exportation is more profitable as it produces vast means of employment to both young and old, especially with the use of the traditional assistance of the older ones in local villages. It deters idleness and expands the creation of jobs in the society

Agricultural produce exportation creates employment for not just the exporter, but for everyone in the same industry. From the people who produce the exportable commodities, to the product sourcing agent, the logistics company, shipping line workers, etc.

There are varieties of agricultural items that are exportable and profitable in their raw state for processing or packaging. However, you can maximize profit by adding quality value before you export. For instance, you may export ginger and make money. But you make much more money if you add value by exporting processed dried ginger. The same goes for cocoa, turmeric, cashew, and other agro-produce you can export.

Nigeria’s exportation industry remains largely underutilized because we are still waking up from our induced slumber of relying majorly on the oil and gas sector and the government is making every effort to promote economic diversification through non-oil exportation. This is a golden opportunity for the smart exporter to key in and prosper and explore the profitable earning potentials.



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