Investing in Exportation of Yam Flour(Elubo) Around the World

Yam flour can be referred to as Elubo in Yoruba which is used to make a meal called AMALA in the Yoruba cuisine that comprises of processing of yam tubers which encompasses some other local procedures before yam flour can be produced, many Nigerians in the diaspora are in huge demand of yam flour. The western part of Nigeria dominated by the Yoruba tribe specializes in the processing of yam flour as this is relatively one of their delicacies. Yam flour can be categorized as energy given food because of the yam content.

Where can l get Yam Flour in Nigeria?

Nigeria’s diverse tribe specializes in different types of food, but in this article, we will specialize in discussing yam flour which is produced in places like Oyo, Ogun, Ekiti and other parts of Nigeria. The most interesting part of yam flour processing can be done in your closet by just following the procedures of getting yam flour.

Exporting Yam Flour

As popular as yam flour is in Nigeria, it can easily be exported across the border, this is because they are a large number of people in other countries who wishes to have this type of food in their possession, the global demand for yam flour is leverage for entrepreneurs and business enterprises who are interested in venturing into the exportation of yam flour around the world.

Sourcing for Yam

There is nothing like yam flour without yam, as yam is the major and only agricultural item processed into yam flour. If as a new or an existing business entrepreneur you have an interest in exporting yam flour, it is pertinent to source for a large or small quantity of yam in farm market or by farmers who specializes in the cultivation of yam which is dependent on your business capacity. As an exporter, it is important to source fresh yam with no pest bite or decay.

Processing Yam

Yam flour comprises of some technical exercises which is the extensive drying of the yam tubers for some number of days, this is because there shouldn’t be an iota of water nor moisture in the yam, sometimes the yam can be sliced to make easy sunlight penetration, then it can be smoothly grinded into powder form, then it can be packaged and branded for sale. It is a fast perishable food item meaning within one or two months when exposed to too much air can begin to have crumbs and deter. This is why it is cogent to put planning into consideration to avoid loss.

Engaging Regulatory Body

There are certain regulatory body certifications required before food items, especially perishable ones can be exported, this regulatory body consists of the National Agency for Food and Drug Administration Council (NAFDAC) exercises the certification that the food produced by a business venture can be acceptable publicly, another regulatory body is the National Exportation Promotion Council (NEPC), this certification of the aforementioned regulatory body are required to ascertain the acceptability of yam flour. And you must pay so much importance to branding and packaging as this will ensure the durability of such products.

Engaging Buyers

Many African stores in the United States, Italy, the UK, and even some African countries are in high demand of buyers, but it is extremely stressful to travel across these countries in engaging and sourcing for buyers of this yam flour, therefore, as an exporter, you may need to study comprehensively on the need and the market value of yam flour by consulting some specialized agency and distributors. Or you may want to consider ABEN, an e-commerce platform that connects both buyers and sellers all over the world successfully.

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