Kolanut Exportation for International Trade

The world has come to the realization that kolanut is a valuable item that may be exported to firms in other countries. The kolanut is known as “Goro” in the northern part of Nigeria.  The west Africans, particularly Nigerians, use this caffeine-rich edible seed ceremonially to express friendship, warmth, and peace.

Kolanut extract is used in the manufacture of drinking drinks, energy drinks, cosmetics (such as beauty soaps and creams), chewing gums, confectionery, and other products throughout the Western world.

Kolanut and its products have numerous medical benefits, including aiding digestion, weight loss, energy booster, anti-depressant, lowering high blood pressure, and acting as a pain reliever, to name a few.

The Supply in the Global market is of immense value in the international market with India, China, Europe and U.S.A as major buyers. Industries that use kolanut as a raw material have a significant demand for it. They are as follows, Guinness (i.e) makers of Nigerian stout or beer so to say, Red Bull, Black, Bullet, Power Horse, and other energy drink manufacturers Producers of Juice and Soft Drinks.

Kolanut extract is used in the manufacturing of fruit juice and famous soft drinks such as Coca-Cola and Pepsi. Herbal tea, green tea, and other teas are examples of beverage tea producers.

Where is Kolanut Produced in Nigeria?

In the western portion of Nigeria, kola nuts can be purchased in enormous quantities. They can be found in Akure, Ogun state, Ekiti and Ondo State. Other producing states include Ibadan, Oyo states and others.

Steps to Start Kola Nut Export to Foreign Countries

When you get the kolanuts and have taken sufficient time to clean them out of undesirable patches due to Ants infestations and other weather-related black spots, the next step is to wrap them in a paper wrapper weighing 1kg per wrapper and pack them into a carton weighing 10kg in total.

This is for a small scale kola nut export. If you are going big with the business then you would have to register with the shipping council to have your goods forwarded for you without hassles as well as a source for buyers with ABEN, who has a versatile list of buyers of kolanut around the world.

Where to Get Buyers for Kola Nut Export

Countries like Brazil, the US, Australia, Canada and even Nigerian manufacturing companies. This is because these countries are known to have large productions of energy drinks with some high rates of their consumption.

Where is Kolanut Produced in Nigeria?

Kolanuts can is mainly produced largely in Abidjan for exportation into the global markets for some effective profit-making. If you decide to go into it, make sure you do it in a huge and impressive way because kola nut exportation is a valuable business.

With ABEN, sourcing for genuine buyers is not a challenge, as we provide the supplier with a vast range of buyers all around the world. Visit our website and connect with fun to diverse buyers of Kola nut.

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