Palm Kernel Export Business in Nigeria

Palm kernel is one of the household products in Nigeria, so as it is entire fruit is used by most individuals in the country in the production of cooking oil, some manufacturing goods and even used in local meals for local consumers.

As though it is originated from a palm tree that carries all versatility in use such as every part of the tree has a good advantage and useful.

Nigeria as one of the vast growing countries of palm kernel seed has ventured into its exportation as it is needed from all over the world.

Where is Palm Kernel Harvested in Nigeria?

Palm kernel is harvested in the most western parts of Nigeria in places like Ondo, Edo, Bayelsa, all almost all parts of the country venture into the production of palm kernel.

The demand locally has outgrown its production be solely on a specific region or locality.

Is Palm Kernel Exportable?

One of the leading countries in the exportation of palm kernels is Malaysia as the global rate is estimated to be millions of dollars, Considerably West Africa still remains the world palm kernel belt due to their climate and weather which is favourable for the palm trees grow.

One of the major success stories in the exportation of palm kernel is because it is demanded all over the world as the exportation market is booming due to this frequent request from the consumer.

This has made most investors partner with local suppliers and distributors of palm kernel as it is profitable in the market and durable.

The new era of exporting palm kernel is not just about exporting the raw kernel fruit but also exportation of the essential oil which can be processed on long heat to stabilize its taste consistency as it is used for most African cooking, pharmaceutical and cosmetic stimulant.

Due to this reason, any supplier who has the opportunity to connect to a dependable buyer or manufacturer will definitely enjoy the market demand and its financial opportunity.

How to Start a Business Exporting Palm Oil from Nigeria

Understand the Demand

When you as a supplier who has diverse derivatives in venturing into palm kernel exportation as some as the country may be in demand of the kernel fruit for a manufacturing process or production into another product same as some are also in demand of the processed palm kernel oil extract for diverse usage.

It is best for local farmers and suppliers to understand this derivative as this will make it choose the right palm kernel product to export to different countries.

Meeting the Demand

There are fluctuations in demand each quarter of the year, this is due to the socio-economic impact from citizens exploring the world in transacting their business.

As the severity of this occurrence cannot be adequately emphasized. The supplier always encounters meeting the high demand for this agricultural product when the request comes in place.

It is expected suppliers carry out proper market surveys and sources for any of their chosen palm kernel products diligently so as to deter disappointment from buyers. Another process to consider when venturing into the exportation of palm kernel business are:

  • Registration of your Corporate Business
  • Carry out Feasibility Studies on the risk
  • Understanding the core guidelines for preserving this agricultural product
  • Access To Quality Palm kernel produce
  • Understanding The Full Logistic Requirements
  • Understanding the Supply Chain process and Management
  • Efficient Quality Controls
  • Understanding Palm Kernel Storage or Preservation


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