Snail: Global Export Commodity in Nigeria

Snail Exportation

Skin rejuvenation is aided by snail slime, as well as that of other shellfish. Due to requests from Africans living abroad, snails are in a growing market in African traditional eateries in the Diaspora. Aside from that, snails are used to produce herbs in Asian countries. Snail shipping is clearly one of the most profitable exporting businesses.

Entrepreneurial Opportunity in Snail Exportation

One factor is passion, but profit is equally critical. If you would like to be your own boss or are looking for a rich investment opportunity, snail exporting is a profitable exporting enterprise in Nigeria.

The global snail exporting industry is worth more than $1 billion. If you’re wondering what’s so remarkable about a snail that it’s such a lucrative trade item, look no further. Fortunately, West Africa, particularly Nigeria, has a large snail population. However, there are a few things you should know and do if you want to start exporting snails from Nigeria.

Snail preservation

Snail preservation for exportation is a highly profitable business enterprise since snails are in high demand and command high prices in both international markets. They are a fantastic source of protein, are extremely nutritious, and are relatively simple to grow. Snail farming, on the other hand, demands patience because full adulthood takes about a year.

Snail Economic Value

Snail is employed by pharmaceutical firms, food canning industries, and herbal practitioners in Nigeria. As a result, the economic impact of snail preservation has an impact on the local economic worth of each community in terms of employment, food, and an entrepreneurial medium for young people. Similarly, revenue in foreign money is guaranteed.

Here are methods used in preserving snails for export.

Processing and preservation of snail meat

When processing snails for export, it is critical to adhere to quality standards and processes. This is due to the fact that once they are killed, they remain perishable in nature and spoil quickly. This is why, before removing the meat from the snail shell, the relevant documentation, logistics, packaging, and branding must be in place, as the meat begins to deteriorate instantly.

The snail processing procedure utilized for export is suitable for middle and small growers. Hygienic measures are required to increase marketability and basic requirements. As a handler, make sure you obey your country’s food handling, health, and safety regulations.

Things Needed for Snail Export

A supply of high-quality snail, start-up funding, company or business registration, export license, tax, registration, and processing/packaging equipment are all required to begin snail export.

Product sourcing

Snails can be obtained from the local market in two ways. Snail farmers can be purchased directly or through a reseller; another option is to raise the snails yourself. In Nigeria, there is a viral farming system where some households perform mini-farming at home to provide for a family dinner. This method can also be used to collect a huge number of snails.


Every step in the export process necessitates a small or large amount of capital. If you want to start selling snails, you can save money or borrow money from family and friends. Bank loans, credit lines, venture capitalists, and partnership arrangements are some of the other options. This will be used to assist in the resolution of some funding issues, such as business registration, branding, and packaging.


Establish a limited liability partnership and get a business name. Tax registration is required, as well as registration with your country’s export promotion council. If you genuinely would like to create a successful return at the end of the day, you can’t afford to be lazy. Before you begin construction on your home, you must first calculate your costs.

That is not just a matter of being financially prepared. While physical fitness is vital, emotional and mental readiness is as important. Before you start your business, you must understand that you might give it everything all and be willing to push through any obstacles that arise.


Gather any and all facts that will benefit your business. Fortunately, we now live in the information age, and there isn’t much that isn’t available on the internet.

Sourcing Buyers

Obtaining consumers for your exportation organization can be one of the most difficult and time-consuming tasks in the industry, as it necessitates real and ready-to-buy clients who are eager to meet your production expectations without further delay. You might choose to contact ABEN, which is a marketplace with a diverse assortment of snail buyers from all around the world. Your customers may not be direct consumers; they could be a multinational African grocery store in another country that sells snails in enormous quantities. With ABEN, you can rest certain that you are in good hands since we take care of finding you real buyers all throughout Africa and the world.

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