Supply & Export Shrimps And Prawns From Nigeria


International buyers and consumers all around the world are always lookout to purchase Frozen Shrimps and Prawns from Nigeria because of their quality, surplus, and competitive price.

These buyers are more interested in the country’s shrimp farming business as they regularize Nigeria for their basis for meetings with commodity trading companies and farmers to see how they can establish long-term relationships with these local farmers to guarantee a steady supply of the commodity consistently.

This is dependent on the investors and the farmer’s agreement in the supply of such shrimps or prawns.

Apart from that local farmers in the business of harvesting shrimps and prawns supply local grocery markets, malls or restaurants in rural and urban areas which is been foreseen as a trend in the supply of this product.

The demand for this unique agricultural produce in Nigeria by international buyers makes venturing into the export of Shrimps and Prawns from Nigeria to several countries around the world a lucrative export business to start up with or to venture into by new business owners.

Where are Shrimps and Prawns Harvested in Nigeria?

Nigeria is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean with different species of consumable animals like shrimps and prawns which is rich in protein and enriched with some vitamins that are good for the body. Shrimps and prawns can be found in the riverside in Lagos, Port Harcourt, Bayelsa, and Cross River etc. apart from the fact that farmers do this in form of business, individuals now have an interest in shrimp and prawn private farming as it constitutes to their daily intake.

Facts about Shrimps and Prawns in Nigeria

  • Shrimps and Prawns are majorly harvested in coastal regions of Nigeria.
  • Shrimps and Prawns are seafood that is very rich sources of food & nutrients
  • As an entrepreneur, you may venture into the exportation of shrimps and prawns with less or no capital

How do l Export Shrimps and Prawns

Nigeria most exports most large number of shrimps and prawns to France as other countries who are still on the verge in dares demand for this water produce such as the Netherlands, India etc. same as some other unknown countries that are in need of shrimps and prawns.

One of the major concerns of business owners is the issue of risking their capital into investing in a lucrative business that can generate profit with the limited risk involved.

This is one of those money making exportation products that all required to be frozen as a means of preservation such as produce. There are several local farmers who are also in need of those who can invest by buying from them in magnitude so as to hasten the move of their business.

Same as a varying amount of buyers all over the world require African suppliers for shrimps and prawns in their locality. It is essential a supplier get used to the period farming of this product so as to manage demand, when the need arises from buyers, are wishes to buy in larger quantities.

We can help you Connect to that Buyer

ABEN have a vast archive of buyers of shrimps and prawns who are readily available to network and have a successful business transaction with your s exporters of this product.

This makes business entrepreneur experience less hassle in reaching out to their prospective buyer who is at the same genuine and wishes to expand their business capability by increasing their business in different ramifications.

Our platform is equipped with professionals who will subtly attend to your request and connect you to the right buyers or even foreign grocery companies who are in need of your export produce.



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