The International market potential for Shea Butter

The European cosmetics business is seeing an increase in demand for Shea butter. Shea butter is a multifunctional cosmetic component with several uses. The growing market for organic and natural cosmetics on the European market is the primary driver. The desire for Shea butter in Europe is likely to continue to increase.

Countries that export Shea Butter


France is one of Europe’s main cosmetic markets, as well as a major importer of many other stable vegetable fats and oils. It also possesses the world’s second-largest organic and natural cosmetics market. Cosmetics production is a strong industry in the country. The French market for Shea butter is projected to remain strong.


The Netherlands is a major processor of Shea nuts since it is one of the major entrance sites for raw materials into Europe, and the value of other stable vegetable fats and oils imports climbed by 25%, matching demand. This is because 70% of Shea comes straight from West Africa, with the remaining 30% coming from third-party suppliers. The Netherlands exports shea butter to other European countries.


Germany has the largest cosmetics market in Europe, both conventional and natural. Germany has the world’s most developed industry for organic and natural cosmetics. Natural ingredients/cosmetics are well-known among German consumers, who are willing to pay a premium for high-quality items. In the future, the German market for Cocoa butter is likely to continue strong.


The Italian cosmetic industry is one of Europe’s largest, with growing demands for organic and natural cosmetics. In the future years, Italy’s usage of natural cosmetics is predicted to rise.

How to Export Shea Butter from Nigeria


Suppliers should be ready to present relevant paperwork and the company’s proposal, as this will provide buyers with sufficient information about the supplier’s Shea butter product, how it is packed, its natural value, and profitability. This provides a long-term strategy for engaging suppliers for the customer or manufacturer.



All buyers who employ you as a supplier or distributor are not required to buy from you. Regardless of the commodity, transparency in documentation, interaction, and debates is recommended. This could result in a competent referral to a long-term buyer.


When it comes to purchasing Shea butter, one of the most important criteria that European customers seek for is quality. Ascertain that the quality of each batch is consistent.

Interpersonal Relationship

Concentrate on establishing long-term relationships with customers. Shea growers form partnerships with larger buyers. Allow buyers to come to your facility on a frequent basis.

Effective Communication

When approaching buyers, clearly convey the active and functional properties of Shea butter to help boost your prospects of accessing the European market.

Get to know your competitors

Learn about the ingredients that compete with Shea butter. Learn about their flaws and utilize that knowledge to persuade European shoppers to purchase Shea butter.

Looking for global buyers of Shea butter all around the world?

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