Top Agricultural Product Export in Nigeria

Cashew is the world’s favourite nut.  This global fixation means there will always be a need for cashew nuts, necessitating a dependable, responsive supply chain in which all parties are well aware of the cashew nut cycle’s complexities.

The foreign trade data released by the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) shows that one of the top agricultural products exported from Nigeria is estimated at N82.3 billion agricultural products that are profitable in the country.

Cashew nuts

This is one of the cash crops in Nigerian which is the biggest agricultural export product, the vast worldwide demand for cashew nuts either raw cashew nuts or cashew kernels in Nigeria by international buyers makes venturing into the export of Cashew Nuts from Nigeria to several countries around the world a lucrative export business to start up which is readily available due to the existing communication amidst the cashew farmers. This enforces the wide availability of cashew nut suppliers in Nigeria’s Locality.

Many investors risk the journey of cashew nuts exportation with nothing, thereby, venturing into cashew nuts brokerage. Most of these brokers can be found in China, Vietnam, and India. They source cashew nuts from verified and reliable African suppliers, farmers, producers, exporters, and importers and try to make a deal happen in exchange for a commission on the trade.

Cashew and By-Product

The cashew industry typically focuses on large production 0f cashew kernels. However, the cashew value chain contains several by-products that have the potential to add value to and diversify revenue from cashew production. Different products that can be found in cashew production come with average yield figures that can mask large disparities and fluctuations which are partial differences in soil and climatic conditions that cannot be controlled by farmers.

Cashew Kernels

Cashew kernels are majorly the main product of the cashew industry, which demanded high suppliers globally due to its increase in demand.  Edible cashew kernels have been used as a snack for centuries. Cashew is one of the basic ingredients used for peanut butter, fatty oil for cooking, sweets and household beverages, particularly in Asian cuisine. Cashews are also used as an ingredient in chocolate, cookies, and ice cream.

Cashews, like other nuts, are nutritious and high in minerals and nutrients like phosphorous, copper, and magnesium that are not typically found in other diets. Cashews have the lowest fat content of any nut, with about 80% of the fat in cashews being unsaturated, which helps keep cholesterol levels in check.

Current market trends and developments in the main cashew consumer markets offer opportunities for existing cashew processors and potential investors in the sector. The global demand for cashew kernels is on a sustained growth path, which creates opportunities for new market entrants. International buyers now take advantage of this investment potential by partnering with local farmers, supply chain companies who have access to this information to purchase very large volumes of cashew nuts at low prices.

In addition, the traceability, transparency, and sustainability of food supply chains is becoming increasingly important for consumers and suppliers, which could benefit processors in Africa that source cashew produces locally rather than through long supply chains and from multiple sources, there is a central platform that connects global buyers with trustworthy and competent suppliers, farmers, producers, exporters and importers of cashew product from different African countries and around the world.

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