Ways of Exporting Okra in Nigeria

Okra is majorly harvested in large quantities in the northern part of Nigeria. It is one of the agricultural products that are majorly part of Nigerian delicacies which is also replicated overseas. Okra has a medicinal and nutritional value to every individual of different ages.  It is rich in magnesium, folate and zinc and has related benefits to fertility.

Some countries have differences in climate change and so most of these countries have limited production of okra as this can be envisaged as an exportation opportunity to farmers of okra in Nigeria. Okra can be said to be one of the cheapest Nigerian agricultural produce as it is accessible to any interested suppliers and exporters of okra to other countries or even locally.

Ways of Exporting Okra

Raw Exportation

Okra may be exported in its raw state overseas because of its high demand by these foreign countries to sustain the need for okra within their locations. Okra exportation in its raw state requires minimal strength compared to the exportation of the okra dry model. The exportation of raw okra may demand high technicalities, this is to say the freshness of the okra must remain intact same as maintaining the nutritional and market value. This comprises of sourcing for okra in large quantities, cleaning and packaging without contact with water nor moisture as this may deteriorate this agricultural produce and may rotten even before its arrival at its scheduled location of export.

Dry Okra Exportation

Okra can be exported dried for foreign cuisine and delicacies, this requires some form of processing such as heating, drying or frying in a concise and hygienic environment. This variably keeps its nutritional value and also helps keep the okra from deteriorating as well as curb wastage and profit loss. This is advantageous to the global market as they stand the test of time for diverse buyers and consumers.

Procedures of Exporting Okra

Some of the processes and procedures for exporting okra are highlighted in this article as a form of guideline that put you through the process of exporting okra overseas either as a farmer or supplier of okra in Nigeria.

Identifying Market Trend

Exporting okra requires exercising a lot of research and studies of the market trend of this agricultural produce. This often is overemphasized because it is a perishable commodity and need to study the market trend to examine the rise and fall of okra to ascertain your level of market sustainability and assurance of operational growth before venturing into it’s as a business.


It is always rewarding to acknowledge the huge profit of the exportation industry which is an avenue and money-making opportunity for suppliers and farmers of okra in Nigeria. Presently a bag of okra cost N15, 000 which is equivalent to $25, this is relatively profitable whilst it’s exported.

Okra exportation is sometimes time and technically demanding depending on the farmer or supplier’s choice of export. Invariably to experience its profits as an exporter, you need to have a registered document by both Nigeria corporate affairs commission and Nigerian export promotion council (NEPC) or adversely meet diverse buyers online such as ABEN platform have a wide variety of diverse buyers all over the world.

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